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Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun makes much account of personal information protection of customers.
This Privacy Policy has prepared for customers using homepage of Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun, with purpose of assuring private information, liberty and communication privacy of customers and preventing human rights violations due to illegal information leakage.
1. Collection Purpose and Use of Personal Information
Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun mandatorily collects very least information from visitors of the internet homepage in order to provide various service and relevant information. Information given by members is only used for the purpose stated above, and if purpose, usage, range and depth of information are subject to change, we will ask for prior consent to members via E-mail or notification on the homepage.
2. Private information collection, maintenance and usage period
At the internet homepage of Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun, members must provide name, resident registration number, address and phone number. Other details are optional. Members’ personal information will be deleted when collection purpose of private information or other purpose of collection is completed. However, it is except the case when private information is required due to legislation including commercial law.
* However, following cases are exceptional.
① When information is required due to regulation and legislation including commercial law
② When saving period is notified or clearly stated in advance to member in accordance with Article 6 of Privacy Protection Regulation of Korea Communications Commission
③ When member agrees individually
3. Provision and Sharing of Private Information
Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun only use member’s personal information in the range stated in ‘Private information collection, maintenance and usage period’ and do not use it outside the policy or provide to other personnel, company or organization. We will work our best to not to provide information thoughtlessly, which is in contrast to original purpose of collection and usage.
4. Cookies
Session is small data sent by server used for operation of internet homepage of Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun to user's browser. The data is used to certify a member when he/she is logged into the homepage of Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun.
The session will not be saved to member's personal computer but will be saved at the server and when member logs out, the session will be closed automatically.
5. Technical and Managerial Safeguard
①Technical Safeguard For information provided by members, we do our best to protect by building Fire Wall and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method security system, which is channel security method by Netscape. Number of staff at Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun who deal with private information is minimized and levels of approach to member’s information for each staff are different. In addition, we provide security education to our staff frequently in order to emphasize policy observance.
②Managerial Safeguard - Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun limits minimum number of staff to have rights for access to member’s personal information.
    - The minimum number of staff is as follows.
    - Staff who handles private information management job including staff in charge of private information management and its manager
    - Other staff who are required to handle private information due to their work conditions.
6. Reading, correcting and deleting personal information
At anytime, members can request to open, change and delete personal information.
Whenever a member requests to check his/her personal information, we will proceed after identity confirmation.
7. Opinions and complaint handling
Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun operates Customer Service Center, so customers can voice opinions and complaints.
When a customer expresses opinion to private information management staff at the Customer Service Center, we will take actions as soon as possible and will notify result of management. When consultation on private information is required, please inquire to Korea Internet and Security Agency, E-Privacy Committee of Online Privacy Association, Internet Crime Investigation Center and Cyber Terror Response Center.

Korea Internet and Security Agency
    - Telephone : 02-405-4118
    - URL : www.1336.or.kr

E-Privacy Committee of Online Privacy Association (OPA)
    - Telephone : 02-580-0533
    - URL : http://www.privacymark.or.kr

Internet Crime Investigation Center of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
    - Telephone : 02-3480-3600
    - URL : http://www.spo.go.kr/

Cyber Terror Response Center of National Police Agency
    - URL : http://www.police.go.kr
8. Staff in charge of Private Information Management for Internet Members
In accordance with Privacy Protection Regulation of Korea Communications Commission (Clause 1 of Article 22) Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun selected staff in charge of private information management. We will do our best for you to safely enjoy our homepage. Detail of the staff is as follows.
Name : Min-ji Yoo
Department : Marketing & Communications
Position: Employee
E-mail : mjy39@ramadapnp.com
Telephone: 02) 2119-8905
Privacy Policy of Ramada Encore Seoul Dongdaemun’s homepage stated above will be applied from June 21, 2014.
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